You can watch for free only previews of the videos! If you want watch the full videos or download them, you have to take a membership plan or buy the videos with single purchase function.

Learn here how it works with the websites in our network. How to place order for getting videos. How it works watching and download of videos and photo zips. And how it works in member area if you have a membership.

On our websites you have two options:

1. Buy videos and photos individually in the shop if you only want to have special videos. Login in the join page. Enter any username and any email address. Then you can choose the plan:

Single Buying Membership you choose single buying, you will be sent to your account immediately after registration. From here, you can go back to home again and select and buy videos in the categories. After the purchase you will find the videos and photozips under "Downloads" in your account. There you can watch and download the videos and photos.

See exempal:

 2.With a membership can you watch and download all videos and photos.You can choose a membership for only one website or a combi membership for all websites. If you find on one website not your favorite payment option please take the combi membership at one of the other sites. It will give you anyway access to all websites or check the link payment options in footer for other payment variants.

If you choose membership, you will come directly to the payment page immediately after the registration. After payment,you will be returned directly to your account.

If you now go to the categories and there to the videos, you will find there download buttons. There are 3 buttons one for watching the video, one for download and one for download the photozip of this video + direct play on the video.With those buttons you can watch and download the videos and photos. See on this picture how it looks if your account is approved and your membership is activ.Then you find at the videos the follow buttons for watching and download of the videos and pictures. See exempal:

If you have a single plan and you want upgrade to membership you will find it with the link "Upgrade Customer Group". See Exempal:

If you have only the membership for this one page, you can only download the videos from this site. If you have taken the combi membership, you can download all videos and photos from all websites.
You can see which pages are included in combi-membership on the page "Our Sites"

If you have to specify address, name, etc., enter something. Nothing is physically sent to your address, unless you order it explicitly. Normaly you need not enter anything in checkout.

Your order history with all details about your orders, transactions, memberships, change options for address and data can find on page "My Account". See Exempal:

 In "Order History" you can find your last orders. See Exempal:

On top left you can change the language! Keep in mind as combi member you need login in each website separat!

And then there are at the videos the buttons in any website.


If there is something not working.  For exempal:

    Buttons not there

    You can`t login in your account (shows account not exist)

    The purchased video is not in "Downloads" in your account


In all this cases or if you have any other troubles just send a message to us with the contact form on the site.

We will reply ASAP and help you or fix this.

Keep in mind if you buy some videos on sites without an account. Means you buy products in status as guest you will not able automatickally to downlod it.

Because it`s logic you have no account. In this case you have to send us a mail then we will send you the videos with link.

In browser Safari on iphone can it be the case that in memberarea is possible just download of videos but not streaming. Internet Explorer will not more supported with our websites! Multiple downloads works best in chrome browser if you open more tabs.

The latest updates and news in a category you find on all websites easy at categories and then let it sort for "latest". Then shows the newest updates in this category.

If you get  some videos this error "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or the format is not supported."

or in mobile " the media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support"

In this case if you get this issue at some videos you have two options:

1. Try it later again. Try it some times after some seconds, minutes or hours. Often just the server hang then and after a while the video will play normal.

2. When is also after a while or some trys not works just download the video. The download works also in case the streaming shows this error.

If the player or download works not so good for you, then you have some options for better resultats.

If the download works not for you or break down dure the download you can order your videos also via link. Just inform the support and we will try to send you

the videos with downloadlink via email.

If the players for streaming works not good for you can try the videos after download in different players. Some of our user get higher resultats in players for exempal like  Cyberlink Media Story .

Most of our picture sets are packed in zip 7 files. For this you have two options: either you have winzip then you can open zip 7 files with winzip program like it would be a normal winzip file. If you have winzip not

you can download zip7 for free here Download 7zip

With this program you can open winzip files without paying. Also you can create 7zip files which can open with winzip.